Distance and Mileage

The Kingsport Greenbelt is an 8 mile trail that runs East to West in the City of Kingsport. On either end there is a historical destination important to Kingsport’s history.

On the East end of the Greenbelt, The Exchange Place serves as an interesting starting point.  The site was once a community that served as a self-supporting plantation, a relay station along the Old Stage Road and the Post Office for Eden’s Ridge.

With special thanks the area Eagle Scouts, The Kingsport Greenbelt has mile markers every 2/10th of a mile. Mileage is calculated going West and is color-coded every mile. For the benefit of everyone, please do not mark mileage on the trail and use the signage on The Greenbelt.

At present, the Kingsport Greenbelt ends along the banks of the Holston River – the site of The Battle of Kingsport. Across the river is the historic Rotherwood Mansion.

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