Kingsport woman bikes 72 miles to celebrate 72nd birthday

9dadc0ee5877765e815abc2b742f4e89KINGSPORT — Before Helen Wilmoth turned 70 two years ago, she’d thought a fun way to celebrate would be to bicycle 70 miles with a group of friends.

But she was still recovering from major back surgery, and although she was doing well, that long of a bike ride — in a single day — didn’t seem feasible that year.

Wilmoth turned 72 this past Sunday.

On Wednesday she celebrated, with her regular biking buddies, by riding 72 miles on Kingsport’s Greenbelt — with a side trip to the Kingsport Aquatic Center, utilizing some of the Model City’s new bike lanes.

The group of eight started early in the day near the Greenbelt’s eastern terminus near the historic Exchange Place.