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Welcome to The Kingsport Greenbelt website

The Kingsport Greenbelt is a linear park that connects the residential neighborhoods, traditional parks, downtown, commercial districts, schools, and activity centers.

A special feature of this unique park is a pathway for pedestrian and bicycle use. The pathway meanders along gentle streams, wanders through the marshlands, glides across open meadows, and passes by sites of historical and aesthetic value.

Development and operations of The Greenbelt are guided by a citizen advisory committee and the Kingsport Parks and Recreation Department.

The Greenbelt is funded in part by a grant from the Local Parks and Recreation fund (LPRF), Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), Recreation Trails Program (RTP) and administered by the Recreation Educational Services Division, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

A community builds a dream for generations

Kingsport’s Greenbelt walking/cycling trail concept became a reality in the 1970’s when Riverfront Park and The Boatyard was developed.

After the initial construction of a trail in this park, interest in additional pathways grew and a Greenbelt master plan was created in 1989. This master plan outlined future efforts for developing a trail to extend along Reedy Creek and the Holston River that would connect the East and West sides of Kingsport.

The Greenbelt is an 8-mile long linear park that connects residential neighborhoods, traditional parks, downtown, commercial districts, schools and activity centers.  The project has been funded through Grants, City of Kingsport budgets, land donations and community contributions.

The Kingsport Greenbelt has gained recognition by being featured in Southern Living, receiving an award from the White House and for receiving multiple Statewide Recreation Awards. The Kingsport Greenbelt was also a key factor for Kingsport’s designation by Walk Magazine as “The Best City to Walk”.

Today the trail has an average daily attendance of over 500 people. Among the unique features of the 8 mile trail is the “Bluebird Trail,” a wetland preservation area, wildflowers, two trailhead historic sites, a trail head skatepark, natural springs, a suspension bridge, picnic spaces and a riverside boat ramp.

The volunteer Greenbelt Advisory Committee was established in 1988 and many of the original members are still actively involved. This committee advises of policies, construction priorities and special requests. They also assist with promotions, special projects, community advocacy and donations.

Distance and Mileage

The Kingsport Greenbelt is an 8 mile trail that runs East to West in the City of Kingsport. On either end there is a historical destination important to Kingsport’s history.

On the East end of the Greenbelt, The Exchange Place serves as an interesting starting point.  The site was once a community that served as a self-supporting plantation, a relay station along the Old Stage Road and the Post Office for Eden’s Ridge.

With special thanks the area Eagle Scouts, The Kingsport Greenbelt has mile markers every 2/10th of a mile. Mileage is calculated going West and is color-coded every mile. For the benefit of everyone, please do not mark mileage on the trail and use the signage on The Greenbelt.

At present, the Kingsport Greenbelt ends along the banks of the Holston River – the site of The Battle of Kingsport. Across the river is the historic Rotherwood Mansion.