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Greenbelt Rules

  /  Greenbelt Rules

Greenbelt Rules

• Ride, walk, or skate to the right. (Allow others to pass on the left)

• Be considerate of others. Ride, walk or skate no more than two across. Stay off private property. Abide by all noise ordinances.

• When bicycling or skating, warn those round you are passing from behind. Yield to pedestrians. Maintain speed appropriate to conditions. Maintain control of equipment at all times.

• Children using the trail should be accompanied by an adult.

• Use pathways only during daylight hours. (Park open dawn to dark).

• Leave vegetation undisturbed and protected.

• Keep pets on a short leash and properly dispose of their feces.

• Deposit all trash in litter receptacles.

• The possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited.

• Hunting, open fires, horses, unauthorized drones, selling of good or merchandise without permission and motorized vehicles are prohibited.

• Help protect the wildlife by not feeding, touching or disturbing any animals. Keep the Wildlife Wild.

• Refrain from using tobacco products or electronic cigarettes.