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Eric and Lee Peterson

Eric and Lee Peterson

A Greenbelt Couple


You might call Eric and Lee Peterson – ‘Everyday People’ of The Greenbelt.

Since they first moved to Kingsport in 1986, they’ve used Kingsport’s Greenbelt to run, walk and shoot photographs of wildlife.

They met each other working for Eastman and since then have enjoyed the walkway by themselves, together and their family.

Lynn describes her pleasures on the trail.”Walking and biking are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have traffic to deal with.”

“The Greenbelt is so well maintained and marked. You can go for miles and enjoy the beautiful nature along the creek with both sunny and shady sections.”

“Our family has used the Greenbelt ever since it was built…pushing kids in jogging strollers, biking, walking, running, finding leaves for their leaf collections, feeding the ducks, photographing the scenery.”

Eric runs often with his camera and has captured some of the best moments on the trail. With the passing of each season he’s captured images of birth, change and the evolving cycle of the wildlife. His pictures are a part of The Greenbelt website and can also be viewed from his personal website at http://www.kingsportphotos.com.