Chestnut - Eaton's Ridge

Amos Eaton of South Carolina was one of the earliest settlers to establish corn rights in the Fall Creek/Indian Springs area. His plantation of 900 acres hugged the Lochabar Treaty line six miles east of Long Island, which was the settlement limit in those days. It lay on both sides of the Island Road and extended from Eaton’s Ridge up to the headwaters of Fall Creek. In 1774 he built “Eaton’s Fort” as a refuge from Indians. It was located near today’s Memorial Boulevard and Bridwell Heights Road. Eaton’s Ridge was the most formidable geographic barrier along that section of the Island Road (later the Great Stage Road). From the east, it rose ten stories to the ridge crest, then dropped 30 stories into the “Island Flats” along the Holston River where Kingsport was built.